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Dr. Sebi inspired herbal blends!

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#HEALCOMMUNITY Cell Food Family!

Plates of cell food start at $15. Many options of cell-food alkalinity available! See the menu on Naa's Facebook Page Twisted Vegan!

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Any Herb or Fruit can be Infused!

Herb infusions tend to last longer than fruit infusions. Fruit is usually good for about 1 week or less. Herb infusions last up to 6 weeks or more depending on the sea moss itself. All of The Mostafa Vegan LLC sea moss comes from the Atlantic Ocean, Jamaica, Honduras, and St. Lucia. It is available in 16 & 32 oz size. Price ranges from $35-$65 + $7 shipping fee.

Alkaline Vegan Tooth Paste

Alkaline tooth paste is an herbal blend of medicinal herb ingredients. It is recommended to see the dentist 2 times a year for non fluoride cleanings and checks. Also keep flossing and gargling with warm water & sea salt! See our catalog to purchase!

Naa Naa Paste

Alkaline Vegan Herbal Tooth Paste! Dr. Sebi approved ingredients!

Mostafa Vegan Lady (MVL) Health Wellness or Floral Designed Drawstring Bag, MVL Yoga mat, 16 oz sea moss gel, & 20 oz ACV Sports bottle!

The draw string back packs are ideal for school, work, sports, travel, gym, & more. Made of strong 80 GSM non woven polypropylene plastic which is heat resistant. 

Polypropylene is recycle #5 and is considered to be one of the safest of all plastics. Available in variety of colors. Measures 17.5 inches tall and 14.5 inches wide this drawstring sack pack also features a 24" long draw string which doubles as shoulder straps.


Soft Sweat Absorbent Non-Slip Gym Workout Mat Women Fitness Mats Portable Outdoor Indoor Pilates Sport Mat.

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A Cellfood Family That Loves You!


Mostafa of many names is my wellness coach, he helps me with anything I have questions with pertaining to herbs or anything I put in my body. He is my Dr. Sebi and I won't buy from anyone else!

Yun Thomas

It was good and thick! Loved it thanks so much.

Tonyelle Rushing

It's amazing, it actually works, I can feel the difference in my body!

Taurean Wilson

The wild rice was delicious! I tried to mimic that. The fried mushrooms tasted delicious. I want to eat to live so it was a perfect dish. It was prepared in a healthy way, it was alkaline! I am waiting for more recipes! & my husband says its the best sea moss he has ever had!

Lashonda & Steaven Misher